From the foothills of Bray Head comes the irrefutable finest live band in the country. Their shows are a sex driven, love laden, heartbreaking, tear jerking look into modern society. They have taken the country, folk and bluegrass genre and moulded them into their own brand of boom grass. The versatility of the band means that they can captivate a theatre crowd or send a wedding party into a frenzy . Hold on tight to your mammas, your sisters and your brides to be, cause they are gonna be led astray at a Luna Boys show.

With over 1000 gigs together, the trio bang out all your favourite tunes with raucous symmetry. 3 lead singers of different flavour, 3 guitar players of different technique and one of the most unique drummers you will ever see. Each song will be led by one but intertwined by the harmonies of the others. They do not do covers of other peoples songs they lend their unique style to the songs of others. Their original songs have a nostalgic familiarity making them stand up strongest within their set. Think the Violent Femmes meets the Saggy Bottom Boys with an Irish twist.