Andy Preston

Let’s not go into years or miles covered, but at this rate it’s safe to say that Andy Preston has played in the majority of venues in Dublin and further afield. A chance opportunity to spin discs at the long gone Dublin Ice Rink at the grand old age of 14 set him on a course of 21st birthday parties and weddings to eventually securing residencies in some of the Capital’s biggest spots of the nineties and noughties such as POD, Red Box, Club M, Playhouse, Tamango and many others.
In 2016 he’s about to mark his 15th year as presenter of FM104’s “10-3 Show” with audience figuers regularly hitting 100k plus along with holding down residencies at Capitol Lounge, Temple Bar’s Buskers and 37 Dawson Street playing anything from Tropical House to Northern Soul – in that order, if required.


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March 1, 2017